About Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum Biofeedback is a method of energetic testing and harmonizing.  The goal is to inspire your body to remember to be healthy and to employ all of your inner resources to achieve that goal. 

The energetic testing in my office is based on the principles of quantum physics.  It uses the voice, picture, date of birth and name in order to assess a person’s frequency.  Your frequency is then compared to other frequencies that have been pre-programmed into the biofeedback system.  From here, numbers are generated.  These number scores indicate how much you are out of balance in a certain area in your life. When searching for a remedy or a solution, these also indicate how much you are in balance or in coherence with the remedy.

Quantum Biofeedback does not obtain any information that rises to the level of a diagnosis.  This is energetic information only.  For example, any physical issue may appear in the energy field before it appears in the body.  In this way, you can view biofeedback as a vehicle to possible prevention as it raises the level of awareness so a person may make different decisions moving forward. 

A person can also be thinking about something, worrying about a loved one or a pet for something to appear i their energy field.  My goal is to give you the best interpretation of the information we discover during our biofeedback session.  However, it is only that; it is energetic information only.

When I reference items like “virus”, “immune”, “mineral” or any other frequency these are only energetics and references.  Though they often do represent physical issues.  It will usually require more research or further testing with a medical professional if you want to take action on these in terms medications or supplements.

The true remedy in terms of biofeedback does not matter in terms of the results. The “remedy” is the same.  We select the frequencies you show reactivity with during our session.  These stress responses are represented by the Red and Blue items in certain areas where you have the most potential to do well. 

The real value for our biofeedback purposes is to add these items to the harmonizing session.  Whether you use the physical remedies or supplements does not matter.  What we want are the pure frequencies of these items.  Where there is a stress response or a match energetically, we run the harmonizing frequencies.

If you have any concerns about physical issues, please follow up with your medical practitioner, medical doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist or naturopathic physician.  I am not a medical provider, and as such I do to provide any diagnosis and I do not give medical advice.  Nothing that I suggest to you during our sessions should be construed as medical advice.

Our sessions are best done at regular intervals, more frequently in the beginning and over about 8-12 sessions in total depending on what we are trying to achieve.  Biofeedback is about energetics and creating a new energetic imprint within you.  That is an imprint that remembers how to be well! 

Like affirmations, or like learning a new craft or hobby, new energetic imprints require repetition.  the repetition of the sessions help you to embody that new imprint and to hold it for a longer time until it seems like it is second nature!