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The Nessor

No Trauma…No Drama!!!
The NEW State of the Art Biofeedback Healing Device That Helps You Get Your Life Back!

What the Nessor can help with ...

  1. This device has been experienced to quickly remove old chronic pain and inflammation from surgeries, accidents and illness
  2. It can support rapid and successful shifting of deep seated mental/emotional patterns by reducing the stuck trauma in the cells to achieve healing/wholeness
  3. It has helped improve and enhance the body’s vitality
  4. Helps to create emotional balance/boundaries
  5. Supports a greater level of mental functioning and mental clarity
  6. Enables the brain’s ability to self-regulate allowing you to make ‘stick to’ lifestyle choices that effect a higher quality of life in all areas.
  7. By reducing stress and calming the mind, it is very effective for sleep disorders
” Fears are so dominant in our lives, and so closely integrated with chronic illness, premature aging and impeded healing.”  Richard Lee, Inventor of Sound Wave Vitality System


  1. Pain reduced and can return to normal life activities
  2. Inner calm and tranquility/ helps to balance the nervous system
  3. Brings joy, achievement and contribution in life
  4. Greatly improves health and quality of life
  5. Emotional freedom from our reactive habits
  6. Support improved self-realization and conscious awareness
  7. Can bring more happiness and joy
  8. Can create a greater connection to your heart and spirit
  9. Helpful for anti-aging
  10. Can have deeper and longer sleep during the night

Who wouldn’t want to be free of emotional, mental, or physical pain, stress and trauma? 

This is the Answer! 

The Nessor can catapult you out of those spiraling cycles, release those old reactive fears/phobias, release the obsessive compulsive thinking causing alcoholism, gambling, smoking, love addictions, and overeating etc

It’s Secondary Benefits Are: 

  1. Releasing of physical pain
  2. Faster healing from surgeries
  3. Quicker healing from illnesses
  4. Release of inflammation   

Here is how and why it can provide such deep healing

How the Nessor helps:

The Nessor was invented by Richard Lee.  He was divinely inspired to create a sound and magnetic device that could help people change their unconscious patterns and make more conscious decisions.  So many of us have been to counselors, hypnotherapists, psychologists and alternative health practitioners to clear and release our unwanted negative patterns that cause us so much unhappiness. Many of us have not been to counselors. In any way, Counseling can be a long and challenging time hashing through so much of our past history and then find a way to act and think differently.  Counseling can help but, to get to the root of the trauma that has snowballed into a myriad of complex behaviors protecting ourselves can be done in a very short time with this biofeedback device.

The Nessor Biofeedback healing device was made to send unpredictable Delta waves into the body via the right foot kidney 1 point or left foot kidney 1 point to interact with the etheric/electric body causing a shift in consciousness releasing stagnant electricity or congested sludge.  The Nessor opens us to a space of inner calm and tranquility. The unpredictable Delta waves go throughout the body into every cell softening the cells so they can help release the trauma, inflammation, and pain to restore the cell back to normal again.  

Many of us have experienced trauma and physical pain.  When the trauma is still impacting our subconscious mind it is like a video tape playing in the background attracting more of the same frequency.  We continue to go around in a circle until the trauma is released permanently.  The Nessor was designed specifically to send low frequency Delta waves to help release the trauma and stress quickly.  I have read that we cannot successfully release trauma through the conscious left brain therapies.  The left brain holds on tight to prevent us from going directly to the source of our trauma. 

From the Nessor sessions, there is long lasting healing and a wonderful positive shift in the quality of your life bringing a new self-realization and a deeper connection to your heart.

Spiritual Response Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique

Would You Like to Live Heart-Centered, Balanced, Abundant and More Alive?  What if Your Hardest Emotional Blockages Could be Immediately Cleared And Have Long-lasting Results?

YES!  It is true!  My life and hundreds of others are free of many deep subconscious blocks that have kept us from expanding and progressing abundantly by the use of Spiritual Response, Emotional Freedom techniques and supported with  Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’.

What would it feel like to be instantly FREE of emotional blockages that you  have hung on to for years?  You may have tried a plethora of healing techniques that only helped you so far, but you want to be FREE of them NOW permanently. You want it to be easy, simple and effective!

HERE is the ANSWER to your request! 

Spiritual Response Technique is an Advanced Spiritual Healing System using Universal energy and the Spiritual Hierarchy.  It is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind to discover and instantly and with long-lasting results release hidden subconscious blocks to health, abundance, love, relationships and replace with a feeling of happiness, peace and fulfillment.

When a program or block is addressed with SRT, Universal energy literally erases the negative energy patterns from your subconscious mind.  Instead of being driven by subconscious belief and desires that you do not understand, you become free to live to your greatest potential to express your greater spiritual self.


Emotional Freedom Technique 
Shift Your Mind
Change Your Life!

EFT is a step-by-step process that immediately propels you to shift from emotional suffering and dis-ease to heights of clarity,and peace of mind, and spiritual alignment enhancing your health and openness to all good things.

It’s Simple & Fast.  Anyone Can Do It!

You can see there’s a reason why experts like Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Cheryl Richardson, Bruce Lipton, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joseph Mercola and so many others have come out in support of tapping… and the reason is simple …


EFT is a meridian (emotional acupuncture) finger tapping technique applied to stimulate certain acupuncture points on invisible meridian lines on the body, focusing on the face and upper body.  Pain is a blockage of the body’s energy system.  When blockages are released, energy flows and the body is normal again.  The longer you hold on to those emotions the more chronic and intense the physical pain becomes.  You can release the pain and teach your body to stay balanced and relaxed.  EFT not only balances energy in the moment, it also retrains the body, so next time you’re in that stressful situation, your mind and body won’t react to it.

This tapping clears out the daily emotional debris, which could help to clear away:headaches, anger, depression, negative thoughts, physical pain, illnesses, hopelessness, nervousness, insomnia, grief, jealousy, fear.  So many other symptoms and challenges may also improve or vanish as emotional issues released.

You can apply it to just about anything.  You can use the same basic recipe for fear of public speaking as you do for improving a sport score to healing he common cold (consult your physician).  It can be used for nearly every emotional issue on the book.

Daily EFT Process Can

  • Help set a daily positive frame of mind
  • Increase self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth
  • Remove energy blockages of mental, emotional and physical pain
  • Can empower you to take control of your life and keep you heart centered
  • Helps us come closer to our soul’s purpose or our life’s purpose
  • Improve your sports performance, career and any aspect of your life
  • Release your limitations about money and open to creating more abundance
  • Reduce physical cravings for substances like alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes
  • Helps in aligning with the most powerful, wise, brilliant and eternal part of our self

       EFT process download 

EFT information from Jack Canfield, Dr. Mercola, Carol Look http://www.thetappingsolution.com

Sacred Healing Services does not claim these holistic techniques are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  Sacred Healing Services makes no medical claims and makes no statements of validation. Always consult with your professional health care provider before beginning any health regiment.

Infratonic 9 and Scalene

Infratonic 9

This device has powerful signals for pain relief, accelerates recovery and dissolving of stagnant energies in the vital field. Experience profound pain relief, unwind, elevate your mood and increase self-awareness. Accelerates production of hyaluornic acid to lubricate joints, hold structure of our cellular matrix, heals wounds, keeps skin soft, smooth and supple, melts scar tissue and accelerates healing.


This device clears environmental spaces of worry, fear and depression rapidly, reliably and without residual smells of burning herbs. A simple two-minute clearing leaves the space uplifting and inspiring. Negative moods, anxiety, and interpersonal conflicts often fade away when an environmental space is clean. Keep your home or office clear of negative influences. It can also help to increase your clients which increases your financial flow!

I, Moreah, was demonstrating the scalene light to a pet business one Friday in November 2016. I cleared all the rooms, as well as, the front entrance outside. I told the employee that I will come back in 3 days. When I did return on that next Monday, I talked with the employee and asked if there was any change in the business since I used the scalene light. She exclaimed “All the employees were in such great moods and we all got along so well, laughed and joked all day. And to our surprise, we doubled the actual sales quota that weekend!“

Sacred Hair Balancing

Can you Imagine Your Body Energy Being Balanced by a Hair Cut?

What if you could have a hair cut that balances your chakras and body energy, as well as, always looking great everyday, is wash-n-wear, accurate and proportional, long lasting and low maintenance?

Hair Balancing is the ONLY hair cutting system that can achieve this!

Sacred Hair Balancing is a holistic hair care healing art that not only balances your auric field and your chakras,  but also your hair by using the mathematical principals of sacred geometry.   The result of this hair cutting system creates more life force energy moving through your head and hair with benefits of enhancing hair health, beauty and vitality.

It is based on four healing modalities:

  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Energy and Chakra Attunements
  • Sacred Geometry

The beautiful aspect of this hair cutting system is that it is chemical free, independent of blow dryers, no loud music or talking and NO toxic products.

This unique cutting technique does effect how the energy moves through your body and how you feel.  Having a hair cut can short circuit your body energy as it travels  through the head.  Experiencing a Hair Balancing can balance the energy flow and enhances the hair and scalp to be stimulated yet more relaxed.  This experience allows the hair follicles to plump out and nurture healthy hair growth.  This can offset hair loss.

Did you know that your one function of your hair is receiving information and frequencies from the world around you?  When your hair is not balanced you can feel out of sorts like ‘having a bad hair day’.  Hair that is balanced will give an expression of a person’s inner essence and send a positive impression.

How your hair is effected by and impacts your work, social life and your environment are important aspects of what Sacred Hair Balancing considers to help you have a style that compliments your life style.

What will I experience in my Balanced Hair Cut?

What you will experience in every Sacred Hair Balancing session is each strand of hair is balanced in many directions using an advanced hair cutting procedure incorporating the mathematical formula of sacred geometry.  This process creates fluid motions and a precise, long lasting, low maintenance hair style that is designed for your face shape, lifestyle and ability to style your hair.  It is your unique and personalized look that magnifies your own beauty.

Does Sacred Hair Balancing have a style?

This hair balancing process can be cut in infinite variety of lengths and styles to be enjoyed by men, women and older children.  It is sculpted to your face shape, hair texture and personality.


Why am I feeling so relaxed?

When we balance the hair in this special and unique process, we stimulate the acupuncture points located on the invisible meridian lines on the scalp that connect your hair with the rest of the body.  This creates an increased energy flow to the head .  The outcome is feeling more relaxed, clear, lighter, happier and ALIVE!      http://www.sacredhealingservices.com/acupuncture-points

Auric Field Balances

Hair is also an extension of the physical body into its electromagnetic field (aura).  Kirilian photography has documented many positive changes in the auric field after a Hair Balancing session.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Every living thing and structure on this planet is based on the mathematical principles of sacred geometry.  Everything has a DNA formula that determines its unique shape, function, and tendencies.  We use geometry to create structures like a building or a car.  Our bodies could not function without geometric shape and design.

A Sacred Hair Balancing cut reflects these geometric and mathematical principles by considering how the hair is growing from the scalp, and cutting the hair in specific patterns that liberates the hair so it falls perfectly in the style you want.

Sacred Hair Balancing Aura Photos

Flower Essences

What if Flower Essences Could Erase Your Anger, Worry, Anxiety,  Depression, Pain and Trauma  Within Minutes or a Day?   How Would That Change The Quality of Your Life?

Have you ever wanted to take a pill that could dissolve all your mental agony?  In our society we are pill happy and think that everything can be solved by medication.  Have you ever wondered why we are such a unhappy society?

Flower essences are catalysts which stimulate and energize the inner transforming process and at the same time allow us to develop our own innate capacities.  Flower essences are not used to treat illnesses but rather help us to learn the lessons of any ailment, to meet the challenges presented to our souls by emotional and physical pain and suffering, and thus transform our lives.  Such an experience can transform our lives and eliminate many painful physical symptoms, but the ultimate goal remains the evolution of the soul.  Unlike pain-killing or symptom-suppressing drugs, which can create long term dependence when used to control chronic conditions, flower essences stimulate lasting changes in consciousness, which continue to be a part of our lives after we stop taking the essences.

Did You Know That Physical Pains and Tensions are Indications of Anger, Fear, Anxiety etc?

Taking flower essences often leads to a new relationship with the physical body…an awareness of how the body is speaking through its physical symptoms.  Instead of feeling victimized by illness, people begin to take responsibility for caring for their bodies, eliminating habits which are destructive to their health, and cultivating practices which nourish and strengthen the body. People come to recognize that the soul expresses itself through the physical body, and that physical pains and tensions are frequently indications of anger, fear, overwhelm, depression, and other emotions which need to be addressed. Once underlying emotional issues are resolved, many physical symptoms can be released. 

So, what if you took four drops a day in your mouth,  Three times a day and be relieved from your stress?

Can you see how you could heal without pills, alcohol or drugs?

Do You Want to Experience This First Hand?  

Make an appointment with  Moreah Love Now!

Angelic Guidance and Soul Clearing

Do You Long For Angelic Guidance For Your Life’s Challenges?

Do You Yearn To Live With More Confidence, Happiness And Feel Peace of Mind In Your Daily Life?

Do You Want To Be free From Your Limiting Patterns Which Cause Tension And Unhappiness In Your Relationships, Work, Business, Finances or Health?

Angelic Guidance and Soul Clearing is very successful with quickly clearing and removing limiting patterns that keep you stuck in life. This one of a kind Angelic healing process brings a deep and long lasting healing leaving you feeling more happy, healthy, protected, peaceful and lighter in your daily life!

This specialized healing process finds your specific Archangels being with you since birth. It also identifies your specific blocked chakras that have caused disruption in your life and the Archangels that govern those chakras. Utilizing
this spiritual healing process and working with the Archangels and the Spiritual Hierarchy immediately clears and removes those patterns, emotions, and blockages bringing light and love to live a more content and satisfied life.


* Relaxation
* Calm heart
* Greater health
* Peace of mind
* More daily energy
* Relief of stress
* Clarity of your direction
* Mental harmony and balance
* Healing of the blocked chakras
* Improved confidence / faith / trust
* Permanent healing of old programs, patterns, and blockages
* Introduction of your Archangels and guidance how to work with them
* Greater focus, concentration and being open to abundance of all good things