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Sacred Hair Balancing

Can you Imagine Your Body Energy Being Balanced by a Hair Cut?

What if you could have a hair cut that balances your chakras and body energy, as well as, always looking great everyday, is wash-n-wear, accurate and proportional, long lasting and low maintenance?

Hair Balancing is the ONLY hair cutting system that can achieve this!

Sacred Hair Balancing is a holistic hair care healing art that not only balances your auric field and your chakras,  but also your hair by using the mathematical principals of sacred geometry.   The result of this hair cutting system creates more life force energy moving through your head and hair with benefits of enhancing hair health, beauty and vitality.

It is based on four healing modalities:

  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Energy and Chakra Attunements
  • Sacred Geometry

The beautiful aspect of this hair cutting system is that it is chemical free, independent of blow dryers, no loud music or talking and NO toxic products.

This unique cutting technique does effect how the energy moves through your body and how you feel.  Having a hair cut can short circuit your body energy as it travels  through the head.  Experiencing a Hair Balancing can balance the energy flow and enhances the hair and scalp to be stimulated yet more relaxed.  This experience allows the hair follicles to plump out and nurture healthy hair growth.  This can offset hair loss.

Did you know that your one function of your hair is receiving information and frequencies from the world around you?  When your hair is not balanced you can feel out of sorts like ‘having a bad hair day’.  Hair that is balanced will give an expression of a person’s inner essence and send a positive impression.

How your hair is effected by and impacts your work, social life and your environment are important aspects of what Sacred Hair Balancing considers to help you have a style that compliments your life style.

What will I experience in my Balanced Hair Cut?

What you will experience in every Sacred Hair Balancing session is each strand of hair is balanced in many directions using an advanced hair cutting procedure incorporating the mathematical formula of sacred geometry.  This process creates fluid motions and a precise, long lasting, low maintenance hair style that is designed for your face shape, lifestyle and ability to style your hair.  It is your unique and personalized look that magnifies your own beauty.

Does Sacred Hair Balancing have a style?

This hair balancing process can be cut in infinite variety of lengths and styles to be enjoyed by men, women and older children.  It is sculpted to your face shape, hair texture and personality.


Why am I feeling so relaxed?

When we balance the hair in this special and unique process, we stimulate the acupuncture points located on the invisible meridian lines on the scalp that connect your hair with the rest of the body.  This creates an increased energy flow to the head .  The outcome is feeling more relaxed, clear, lighter, happier and ALIVE!      http://www.sacredhealingservices.com/acupuncture-points

Auric Field Balances

Hair is also an extension of the physical body into its electromagnetic field (aura).  Kirilian photography has documented many positive changes in the auric field after a Hair Balancing session.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Every living thing and structure on this planet is based on the mathematical principles of sacred geometry.  Everything has a DNA formula that determines its unique shape, function, and tendencies.  We use geometry to create structures like a building or a car.  Our bodies could not function without geometric shape and design.

A Sacred Hair Balancing cut reflects these geometric and mathematical principles by considering how the hair is growing from the scalp, and cutting the hair in specific patterns that liberates the hair so it falls perfectly in the style you want.

Sacred Hair Balancing Aura Photos