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Infratonic 9 and Scalene

Infratonic 9

This device has powerful signals for pain relief, accelerates recovery and dissolving of stagnant energies in the vital field. Experience profound pain relief, unwind, elevate your mood and increase self-awareness. Accelerates production of hyaluornic acid to lubricate joints, hold structure of our cellular matrix, heals wounds, keeps skin soft, smooth and supple, melts scar tissue and accelerates healing.


This device clears environmental spaces of worry, fear and depression rapidly, reliably and without residual smells of burning herbs. A simple two-minute clearing leaves the space uplifting and inspiring. Negative moods, anxiety, and interpersonal conflicts often fade away when an environmental space is clean. Keep your home or office clear of negative influences. It can also help to increase your clients which increases your financial flow!

I, Moreah, was demonstrating the scalene light to a pet business one Friday in November 2016. I cleared all the rooms, as well as, the front entrance outside. I told the employee that I will come back in 3 days. When I did return on that next Monday, I talked with the employee and asked if there was any change in the business since I used the scalene light. She exclaimed “All the employees were in such great moods and we all got along so well, laughed and joked all day. And to our surprise, we doubled the actual sales quota that weekend!“