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Flower Essences

What if Flower Essences Could Erase Your Anger, Worry, Anxiety,  Depression, Pain and Trauma  Within Minutes or a Day?   How Would That Change The Quality of Your Life?

Have you ever wanted to take a pill that could dissolve all your mental agony?  In our society we are pill happy and think that everything can be solved by medication.  Have you ever wondered why we are such a unhappy society?

Flower essences are catalysts which stimulate and energize the inner transforming process and at the same time allow us to develop our own innate capacities.  Flower essences are not used to treat illnesses but rather help us to learn the lessons of any ailment, to meet the challenges presented to our souls by emotional and physical pain and suffering, and thus transform our lives.  Such an experience can transform our lives and eliminate many painful physical symptoms, but the ultimate goal remains the evolution of the soul.  Unlike pain-killing or symptom-suppressing drugs, which can create long term dependence when used to control chronic conditions, flower essences stimulate lasting changes in consciousness, which continue to be a part of our lives after we stop taking the essences.

Did You Know That Physical Pains and Tensions are Indications of Anger, Fear, Anxiety etc?

Taking flower essences often leads to a new relationship with the physical body…an awareness of how the body is speaking through its physical symptoms.  Instead of feeling victimized by illness, people begin to take responsibility for caring for their bodies, eliminating habits which are destructive to their health, and cultivating practices which nourish and strengthen the body. People come to recognize that the soul expresses itself through the physical body, and that physical pains and tensions are frequently indications of anger, fear, overwhelm, depression, and other emotions which need to be addressed. Once underlying emotional issues are resolved, many physical symptoms can be released. 

So, what if you took four drops a day in your mouth,  Three times a day and be relieved from your stress?

Can you see how you could heal without pills, alcohol or drugs?

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