Moreah has been a lifelong Spiritual Intuitive, Holistic Health Practitioner, Holistic Hair Care Designer, and an Artist using Creating Healing Mandalas and SoulCollage® to relieve anxiety & stress. She has B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy and a minor in Psychology and certificates in holistic healing. She has practiced in the holistic healing field for over 25 years.

Moreah’s mission is to support humanity by guiding people to have a greater quality of life, to expand conscious awareness to make healthier choices, relieve physical and emotional pain and create a deeper connection to their divinity by utilizing Evolutionary Tools for Transformation.

What led Moreah onto this path was her struggle with chronic illness and emotional agony, which she was unable to resolve via the medical profession. She was eventually led to advanced healing technology devices and healing techniques to assist her to heal her dis-eases. She has incorporated some of them into her practice. These include: The Nessor and 2 other Sound Vitality Devices, Spiritual Response Technique (SRT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Flower Essences, and Sacred Hair Balancing for greater health and peace of mind.

"When I first arrived at Moreah's office, I was feeling stressed and my whole body was experiencing what I describe as "systemic pain." Within a couple of minutes of using the INFRATONIC 9, my chest and the tightness around my heart melted away. I then used it to balance my brain and experienced a calming affect within minutes. To top that off, after moving it to the top of my spine for several minutes, the systemic pain was calmed down and I felt a warmth and relief as though I had taken pain medication."

S. M.

Seattle, WA

"I feel incredibly more joyful, happy and alive since my SRT and EFT session.  It was/is a positive, life changing experience."

 Brenda A.

San Diego, CA

Thank you so much for the wonderful SRT healing.  I feel so much lighter and peaceful today.  I slept so well last night, waking up with more energy than usual. I feel happy for no reason at all, just glad to be alive.  I will recommend you to my friends.  Again, Thank you."

Barb A.

Seattle, WA

"SRT /EFT with Moreah has opened the door to healing past traumas that were holding me back from living my life to its fullest. The results are immediate, permanent and ongoing."

Ann B.

Lynnwood, WA

"Since my SRT / EFT session with Moreah, I feel a peace, a stillness and inner quiet, a feeling that my mind has emptied. I feel incredibly grateful. I have never felt this level of peace."

Diane R.

L.A., CA

"Before my Angelic Guidance and Soul Clearing session, I was feeling very anxious and fearful. I was confused about my direction in my career and worried about some family illness. During the session, I started to feel more relaxed and melted into my chair. As Moreah told me the names of the Archangels that are assisting and helping me to heal, I felt more and more confident of a wonderful outcome. I immediately felt safe and relaxed. I was also excited to know my new career direction.

That next day I felt more energy, needed less sleep and felt no fear. I also have become more aware of the presence of my angels and feel confident that I can access them and ask them to help me anytime. I know now that everyday Archangel Michael protects my commute. I experience Archangel Raphael assisting me in my new healing career by bringing to me the things that I need to study and people that are important for me to meet. I also believe that Archangel Raphael has helped my daughter-in-law heal her illness, as well as, my son and her in their marriage relationship.

Another great result is how many people at work have told me how my new calmness had affected them and they love how happy I have become. I highly recommend Moreah's specialized spiritual healing service for anyone who wants to be relieved of anxiety and fear. The best part is knowing which Archangels will assist you to have a calm mind, faith, trust, guidance, and protection in your life!"

Liz P.

Huntsville, TX

How has the Nessor changed your life?
"I have noticed that I am less emotionally dependent on others and that I am more conscious in choosing how I will be. I am not taking things personally. I am not reacting to triggers that I used to consistently. Jealousy of others or feelings of inadequacy are triggers that very recently feel as though they have dissolved out of my body and mind. I am more aware of my surroundings, quicker to speak from my intuition, more confident in who I am and what I say. I speak from the heart in the moment and I believe that the plans I put forward will succeed. My mind  feels clear, calm, focused and poised. My heart is open and free. My body is strong and relaxed. As my ease of communicating increases and my level of intention in how I choose to be raises, I see my family radiating joy, peace and confidence.   Thank you, Moreah!"


Burien, WA

"I have had SRT sessions with Moreah for over 6 years.  I have received accurate information about myself, pets, family members and friends. Usually there would be a shift in behavior or healing in the physical body compared to how this person or pet used to be. I also find her very accurate in her suggestions with using other health products since many she pendeled were verified by something I was already taking or products that were suggested by my nutritionist. Her readings are very reliable and bring clarity to my life's situations helping me to mentally and emotionally feel more calm and peaceful."

Barb L.

Issaquah, WA

"Moreah is passionate and dedicated to assisting people in their quest for a stress free, pain free life.

She has many modalities for creating peace and wellness.  My angel card reading was absolutely fabulous.   Moreah gave me my angels for each month of the rest of this year, along with the color and the suggested essential oils.

She was passionate, excited and thorough with all the information of the angels,  what they represent,  and how to ask my angels for assistance. It has been really fun and informative at the start of each month to learn about my angel for that month and ask for their assistance.  It has made a huge difference in planning my days and assists me in focusing on the positive qualities of each particular angel.

After the session she emailed me a lot of information on my specific angels.

It is an honor to have this reading with Moreah as her passion and dedication to her teachings are in depth."

 Joy E

Seattle, WA