Relieving Anxiety Creates a Calm Mind and a Peaceful Heart

In our day and age, we are feeling overwhelmed with Anxiety, Stress and Pain. If we feel apathetic, depressed, angry or hopeless, we may feel that life is not worth living or even purposeful.


We begin to feel hopeless, that there is not any solution to help us.  Our heart deeply desires to be stress and pain free, healthy and happy on a long term basis …

What If I Told You There are Simple and Profound Solutions?

How Would That Affect The Quality of Your Life, Your Families, and Your Friends… 

And not only that… The World?

This amazing process using Evolutionary Tools Transformation brings peace of mind, self-confidence, self-love, abundance, greater health and loving relationships.

Imagine waking up the morning after a session with me, not feeling anxious, but a deep peace pervading your mind and body.  A new hope that you have not experienced before would spring forth to light up your day and bring a newness and refreshing energy within you. Your physical pain has been relieved and your body is healing much faster than expected.


My aim is to support you to release old reactive programming, and reactive fears, that keep you from the life you desire.  No need to hash over your trauma!  You will experience ‘Peace of Mind’ and be released from old addictions, phobias, P.T.S.D. and more.  Another aim, in working with this advanced technology healing, is to help your body to release trauma from surgeries, broken bones, sprains/strains and more, so the natural healing process is activated.  This speeds up your wound healing, and gets you up and moving so you can have your regular life routine again!

With Evolutionary Tools of Transformation, all of this can be accomplished with very few sessions.

The Healing  Benefits

  • Pain relief / healing of illnesses
  • Peace of mind …  relief from trauma/stress
  • Mental clarity and self-realization
  • Joy and a feeling/knowing all is good
  • Increase in awareness to make healthier decisions in life
  • Higher quality of life and deeper connection to the divinity within

MY STORY  I have had chronic anxiety for 40 years.  I was determined to search for holistic healing techniques to support myself to evolve beyond my fears.  I wanted to live life with a calm mind and a happy heart.  This pushed me to research holistic health because the medical profession did NOT help me.  

I have been certified in many holistic healing services over the years.  It took 25 years to find the most highly effective and simple techniques that made a profound impact in the quality of my life.  Each one helped support me to release more anger, frustration, anguish, obsessive compulsive thinking, trauma, and pain.  It has been a long and arduous journey to get to a peaceful mind, happy heart, and a pain free body.

I have finally created a magnificent healing package that WILL give you quick and long-lasting RELIEF from anxiety and stress, PLUS relief of pain and trauma. You won’t have to spend years searching for the best ones to use.  I know that you will be so surprised and elated to experience this healing program, as well as, learn several healing tools.  Once you learn them, you will be able to support yourself every day to reduce/eliminate anxiety and soothe stress on the spot!

I have several packages for you to choose from.  We will discuss this when we connect and I know your goals and intentions for your life.

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